It is not uncommon to come across employees who have been employed for years and who say that they have no written contract of employment.

What those individuals may not be aware of is that it is a legal requirement for an employer who has employed someone for at least one month to provide that individual with certain information regarding their employment.

The information must be in writing and has to be provided to the employee within two months of the start of their employment (from April 2020, such written information will need to be provided on or before the first day of employment).

There is certain information which must be provided in writing such as the employee’s start date, job title, place of work, hours of work, pay details, and holiday entitlement. However, the employer is free to include further information regarding the employee’s employment, often in the form of a more comprehensive employment contract.

In certain circumstances, if the information is not provided, or is inaccurate, the employer could be required to compensate the employee financially, so employers should be aware of their obligations.

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