Saleem Sheikh, Senior Partner,  was interviewed by Adam Cox of Share Radio last night. In the interview Saleem had set his sights on being a pilot but a family tragedy saw his career trajectory take a turn towards law. Saleem discusses how entrepreneurs and business owners need to plan for worst case scenarios, like bereavement and illness, that we’d rather not think about. He talks about the need for a trusted advisor for people’s businesses and lives to navigate life’s pitfalls, and why we need to be communicating with the next generation to create legacies that can genuinely last. You can listen to his interview here:

Adam Cox also talked to Michael Shapiro,  a Head of Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution at GSC Solicitors LLP,  about one of the most visible parts of the legal process, litigation. A dispute where a court decides the outcome. Michael explains that a lot of litigation comes about as a result of poor planning at the start of a business relationship and that prevention is much better and cheaper than the cure. Michael talks about why emotions such as ego, stubbornness and revenge mean that people end up in court when other avenues would have been more sensible. Michael explains that sometimes it’s better to accept an outcome. Have a listen: