The Advertising Standards Authority could be asked to rule on film posters for the remake of Poltergeist. The ASA has a wide remit to deal with complaints about advertising including film posters and has in the dealt with complaints about scary film posters. However, advertisers do push the boundaries of advertising and getting editorial press coverage of a new movie may well help the box office

A mum has expressed her fury after her four-year-old twins were left terrified and unable to sleep upon seeing a giant Poltergeist film poster of a scary clown advertised on the side of a Stagecoach bus.

The classic 1982 horror movie has been remade, re-telling the story of a young girl haunted by terrifying apparitions in her home.

But the film’s advertising campaign has terrified two little girls in Hyde, Greater Manchester, who were traumatised by the blue-eyed clown on the poster which they glimpsed on the 330 bus.