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Leila Mustafa

Associate Solicitor

Areas: Real Estate Finance & Banking,
Property Finance,
Islamic Law Finance

Whatever the specifics of the case, from an individual buying a house to a bank dealing with a multi-million pound transaction, Leila remains clear on the unchanging nature of her role:

“My clients can’t achieve their goals without the due diligence that ensures they know what they’re getting themselves into. That may involve ensuring what they’re buying is a viable purchase. It could be confirming that the finance they are seeking is appropriate for the deal or, in the case of Islamic finance, that it follows the rules. Due diligence is the most important thing I do.”

Leila applies her expertise to a broad range of clients including landlords, tenants, developers and business owners, and to a broad range of work including commercial property acquisitions and disposals, business leases, commercial and residential development, land options and general commercial contracts.

“My clients know I always have their corner,” she explains. “We want their experience with GSC to be a good one and to give them good news at the end of the process. So we do the ‘heavy lifting’, removing stress. My clients don’t need to see the complex, difficult legal work that goes into achieving a result – they just want an efficient process that gets deals over the line.”

Islamic finance expertise

Leila is GSC’s specialist in Islamic finance, an area growing in popularity – and not just with Muslim clients. “Actually, the majority of people choosing Islamic finance products are not Muslim,” she explains. “Islamic finance is ethical banking. There’s no investment in gambling, arms or tobacco and the principles of Islam don’t allow compound interest. The whole point of Islamic finance is to serve the public good and you don’t have to be a Muslim to value what that can bring.”

A personality for property law

For Leila, a career in law was always on the radar. “My brother is a barrister and he inspired me with stories about what would happen in court,” she recalls. “I was 15 when I did my first work experience with a law firm and I worked in solicitors’ offices every summer to find the area I liked and that aligned with my personality.

“The area of law you pick has a lot to do with personality,” she says. “I like helping people achieve their goals and working with clients to help them through a process. Plus, property work keeps changing so you have to keep learning – I enjoy the challenge.”

Leila is actively involved in GSC’s ‘next generation’ initiative, demonstrating the advisory and entrepreneurial advantages the firm can offer tomorrow’s leaders.

And when she isn’t working, Leila is a dedicated traveller. “I love seeing different cultures and learning about different countries,” she says. “I’m Arab so I would love to go to back to Morocco, Kuwait and Oman. I’ve been trying to improve my Arabic online in preparation!”

Qualifications & Experience

Leila qualified as a solicitor in 2019, having studied at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, graduating in 2016 with a first class honours degree. She completed her Legal Practice Course and master’s degree with the University of Law, which she passed with distinction in 2017.

Leila has been awarded a level 2 Award in Fundaments of Islamic Banking and Finance from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments.

Recently she also received an award for outstanding achievement in Islamic Banking and Finance by the The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (The CISI).

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‘A small firm which punches well above its weight’ GSC Solicitors LLP undertook leasing transactions for several blue-chip corporate tenants, particularly in the media sector. It acted for a number of hotel owners regarding the acquisition and development of new hotels.

“We have found the service excellent, and it is for this reason we have continued to use GSC. The key strengths for us have been a commercial approach to deals that is often missing from solicitors, and a personal service based on a knowledge of us and our needs and long-term plans.”

“The main positive comparison we have noted from GSC is the personal touch and commercial acumen.”

“We have often used different legal firms for IP and other work in the past, but GSC’s commercial approach and professionalism, coupled with the excellent working relationship we have built up over a number of years makes it our preferred choice.”

“As a Financial Advisor I have been personally using and recommending GSC for over thirty years. I have referred clients of mine to them and only ever been thanked for the recommendation, which should convey the confidence I have in the individuals, and the firm.”

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