Immigration Advice for Entrepreneurs

Any individual that wants to set up, run or take over a business in the UK

Immigration Advice for Entrepreneurs

Any individual that wants to set up, run or take over a business in the UK should apply for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa. This also applies to entrepreneurs that wish to be otherwise actively involved in a UK-based business. There is no limitation as to the number of businesses you can be involved in, and sponsorship is not required.

If you wish to invest in either existing UK businesses or establish your own business, you must score, at least, 95 points, which can be awarded to you if you can show that you have access to over £200,000 which you intend to invest in a British company or business.

In order to score the maximum available points you will also need to show that you possess certain levels of competence in the English language and also your ability to remain in the UK without requiring access to any benefits from the government based on your current financial status (known as “maintenance”).

Once your visa has been approved you will be allowed to come to the UK or in some instances change your current UK immigration status so that you can start or join your business. In this case, the initial period that you will be granted is for three years.

An extension under this category is possible, and you may be granted a further two years if you:

  • Have registered as self-employed with HMRC.
  • Are the director of a British startup.
  • Are the director of an existing UK company.
  • Are actively involved in the business when you apply for an extension.
  • Have created two full-time jobs within the company, where either you employ two full-time employees or one full-time employee per year of operation.
  • The money that is required has been invested in British business.

You may also apply in a team of two entrepreneurs, as long as access to the investment funds is equal to all partners. If the two partners wish to apply for the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa at the same time, then they have to use the same funds and both be able to pass the English language and maintenance requirements.

If you are granted with Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa, you are allowed to spend a total of 180 days outside the UK annually and still be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain upon the completion of 5 years of residency in this category. Usually, after spending 6 years in the UK, you are eligible to apply for British citizenship.

Undeniably, there is a lot of (and often confusing) paperwork that needs to be completed associated with investing in or establishing a UK company.

Our London based immigration lawyers will assist you with your Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) application from the initial process of gathering the required documentation right through to the point of applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain. We pride ourselves in partnering with some of the most reputed business experts so that we can offer you the support and assistance you seek as an entrepreneur in the UK.

Establishing a UK Branch Office or Subsidiary

If you want to enter and work as a full-time representative of an overseas business

Establishing a UK Branch Office or Subsidiary

If you want to enter and work as a full-time representative of an overseas business or an overseas broadcasting organisation, news agency or newspaper employee in the UK, then the Representative of an Overseas Business migrant category is the most appropriate visa route.

You will have to demonstrate that you are a genuine employee of the overseas business and that you have been identified as the most appropriate person within the overseas based organization to come and establish a UK branch or subsidiary of the business and that you have authority to take decisions in relation to the proposed UK establishment.

In order for the initial application to be approved you will also need to satisfy the UK authorities that you are able to communicate effectively in English. The initial visa will be granted for a period of three years.

If you want to bring in dependents and have them accompany or stay with you in the UK, then you must produce evidence that you are financially able to support them and that they can maintain their current financial status, without any additional assistance from UK public funds.

You may continue to stay in the UK for a further period two years, as the representative of an overseas business or broadcasting organization, news agency or newspaper, as long as you can demonstrate that you have been able to establish the UK branch or subsidiary and that the business is genuinely trading and operational in the UK.

Applying for a settlement under this immigration category is also possible for you and your family members if you have resided in the country for a total of 5 years. One year after holding Indefinite Leave to Remain, you would be eligible to apply to naturalise as a British citizen.

For more details or guidance regarding the legal aspects related to the establishment of a UK branch office or subsidiary, kindly contact our expert London immigration solicitors, who will make sure your case is given proper attention; always with your best interest in mind.

Corporate Immigration

UK immigration law has become increasingly complex resulting in highly confusing and…

Corporate Immigration Solicitor

UK immigration law has become increasingly complex resulting in highly confusing and bureaucratic procedures for individuals, families and companies who may wish to relocate to the UK for a variety of different reasons.

GSC’s Immigration lawyers specialise in all aspects of UK immigration law. We advise both EU and non-EU individuals and companies who wish to invest, work or set up in business in the UK. We also handle all aspects of sponsorship for UK employers who may want to employ non-EU nationals or transfer existing staff based overseas to the UK.

For our private clients, we provide a specialist personalised service to support individuals and families moving to the UK, advising on the best solution to help our client relocate, obtain permanent residence and British Citizenship.

Talk to GSC’s Immigration Solicitors about:

For information on our charges, please refer to:  Immigration Services Fees

Corporate & Commercial

Whether you are planning a start-up, a merger or a new franchise, GSC’s Corporate & …

Corporate & Commercial Solicitors in London

Whether you are planning a start-up, a merger or a new franchise, GSC’s Corporate and Commercial Solicitors help you achieve your commercial objectives. Our lawyers focus not only on the legal aspects but what they mean commercially.

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial law issues in a wide range of sector areas from manufacturing to technology and from marketing to healthcare. We work for long-established businesses and businesses operating new operating models that may not have existed a few years ago.

As well as UK-based clients, our commercial law work is also international in scope, leveraging our long-established network of relationships with leading overseas firms to provide responsive legal support that moves as fast as your business.

Corporate law services include: 

  • Corporate structures and incorporation
  • Shareholder agreements and articles of association
  • Business and corporate sales and purchases
  • Joint ventures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Share sales & purchases
  • Asset and business sales & purchases
  • Share sales & purchases
  • Asset and business sales & purchases
  • Management buy-outs and institutional buy-ins
  • Private equity, venture capital and angel investment
  • Cross-border transactions
  • LLP, partnership and shareholder issues & disputes
  • Share option schemes
  • Share buybacks and capital reductions

Commercial Law Services include:

  • Agency, distribution and manufacturing agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Consumer and business to business contracts
  • Franchising
  • Management agreements
  • Lending and security
  • Sponsorship and marketing agreements
  • Standard terms and conditions
  • Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements and non-circumvention agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Advertising and marketing.

Our corporate & commercial law solicitors want you to get the best deal possible.

Construction Solicitors

GSC’s construction department acts for developers, contractors, sub-contractors…

Construction Solicitors

GSC’s construction law department acts for developers, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and funders involved in the construction industry.

Our construction solicitors provide advice in relation to all aspects of the construction procurement process including:

  • Building Contracts/Sub-Contracts
  • Letters of Intent
  • Development agreements
  • Professional Appointments
  • Collateral warranties and third party rights
  • Performance guarantees / bonds

Settlement & Disputes

In addition, our construction lawyers regularly advise clients in relation to the settlement of any disputes that arise during a construction project and can advise in relation to the following:

  • Assistance with pursuing or defending claims for payment
  • Negotiation of settlements via amicable agreement
  • Mediation
  • Adjudication
  • Litigation Proceedings
  • Arbitration proceedings


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Wherever you are located, we have strong international connections, especially in the Middle East, Africa, China, India, Pakistan and former Soviet Union countries and offer legal solutions for cross-jurisdictional transactions, disputes and arrangements

As markets have evolved and became increasingly global, so has GSC’s focus. Today, we work for overseas clients in real estate and corporate investments, for corporations and international entrepreneurs. No other London law firm of comparable size speaks so many foreign languages in-house. For our clients cultural understanding is hugely important because it means they can deal with us on their terms so nothing is lost in translation.


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