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Our Intellectual Property team advises on all aspects of the law relating to media and intellectual property. This includes copyright, trademarks, design rights and related areas of competition and European law.

Registering a sign as a trade mark is a great way of protecting your company name and branding. We can advise you on the many different types of signs, such as words, logos, pictures and shapes that can be registered.

We can advise you as to the likelihood of a sign being registered as a trade mark – and the types of goods and services that your trade mark should cover and then help you through the registration process.

We regularly register trade marks in the UK and in the European Union and can advise you on the best method to replicate any registration around the world.

If someone is applying for a mark that is similar to yours, we can advise you on how to oppose that application, whether by engaging in opposition proceedings or obtaining other forms of protection, such as co-existence agreements.

GSC’s Media & Entertainment group has been ranked with the Legal 500 editors commenting “The group’s main focus is in the music industry, although it also handles publishing, advertising and digital media matters. Clients include music licensing body PPL, on a raft of enforcement actions and the PRS for public performance enforcement work with Justin Goldspink particularly noted for contentious matters.”

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Changes in the media and entertainment industry continue at a frantic pace with the digitization of content, the increasing adoption of broadband distribution technologies and the increasing globalisation of the industry.

Our specialist lawyers work with media and entertainment businesses on a daily basis, from global entertainment corporations to local independents and individuals.  Our clients span the film, digital distribution, music, broadcasting, theatre, publishing, sport and sports entertainment sectors.

We provide proactive and commercial advice on all aspects of the law as it impacts the media industry including recording, film and video contracts, film financing, rights acquisition and distribution agreements, licensing, publishing, artist management and promotion, merchandising agreements and royalty disputes.  We appear in Courts and before Arbitrators on behalf of media clients to resolve disputes arising from contractual interpretations and to protect and enforce clients’ intellectual property rights.

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