Visiting the UK

In order to visit the UK, to receive private medical treatment, see family members or for business, you need to apply for a Visit Visa. Immigration rules and laws for visitors to the UK have been subjected to reforms in April 2015, which have made them more sensible. For instance, regulations for external corporate trainers and lawyers visiting the UK to provide advice and assistance to their clients are significantly more flexible than before.

Obtaining a visit visa is not always easy, and there have been many instances when individuals have seen their applications being refused for a number of reasons in the past. Other people are struggling with the application process, which is, admittedly, rather confusing. Finally, it is not easy to determine how long you can spend in the UK as a visitor and what are the things you can and cannot do while here. Misunderstandings are very common and usually have adverse consequences. In the worst case scenario, you are refused entry to the country and asked to return home.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the limitations that apply to your entry to the country as a visitor and also comply with the regulations applicable to your visa.

We focus on simplifying the application process for you and also help you prepare a strong application. Before that, we need to make sure your intended trip to the UK indeed falls in the visitor category because you might as well be a non-visa national that does not need to obtain a visa to visit the country.

Whether you are having trouble entering the country or need to apply for a visa, our expert immigration solicitors in London will work with you to support your entry to the UK and help you obtain a visa, or prepare a comprehensive application that will deliver the desired result respectively.

If you are a business owner, global mobility professional or HR manager and require assistance in the best way to move your global employees, we will also provide you with guidance so that you clearly understand whether the visitor route is the best one for them and what limitations, if any that may apply. We will help you make their entry to the UK as smooth as possible.

Our experience and reputation in helping businesses and individuals make successful visa applications no matter how complicated the case may be is something that we are proud of. So please feel free to call or contact us, even if your visit visa has repeatedly been refused in the past.

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