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To gain entry to the UK and be allowed to work or seek employment so that you settle in the country, it is important to have a grandparent born in the UK. In this instance you may be able to apply for a UK Ancestry Visa and eventually be granted Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Having an Ancestry Visa allows you to stay and work in the UK for a time period of 5 years with no work restrictions. To qualify for visa, you must be a Commonwealth citizen, above 17 years of age, and you must be in the position to prove that, at least, one of your grandparents was born in the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

You may also apply for Ancestry Visa if you are adopted or if the grandparent that lives in the UK is an adopted child. Furthermore, you have to enter the country in order to work, and you must be able to support and accommodate both yourself and any dependents you might have without the need of public funds.

If you hold an Ancestry Visa, you may also apply for your (1) spouse, (2) children, (3) unmarried partner, and (4) civil partner to join you in the UK, where they will be granted the same 5-year period of leave as you and be able to work with no work restrictions whatsoever.

For Commonwealth citizens, there are other UK immigration arrangements which may also provide a right to live and work in the UK. For instance, if you are born before January 1983 and have a parent born in the country, you may have the right of adobe, and you will not be subjected to any immigration control if you are issued with a Certificate of Entitlement confirming this.

If you want to apply for an Ancestry Visa or check your eligibility for a Certificate of Entitlement, let our expert team of leading London immigration lawyers handle all the confusing paperwork for you and prepare your application so that you receive a fast approval and start working and living in the UK with your loved ones.

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