Human Rights & Asylum

If your human rights have been or at risk of being violated, or have asylum claims that you would want to be processed the best possible way so that you ensure a safe stay in the UK as a refugee, our experienced criminal team is here to help and advise you on all your options.

We understand that claiming asylum is a stressful process that can be very difficult for you. The same applies when you face charges in your home country that you fear are politically motivated or are afraid that you will be subjected to inhumane or torturous conditions if detained after extradition. Or, you may not be able to speak the English language as fluently as you would want or perhaps you are new to the UK and feel outside of your comfort zone. In any case, let us take all the worries as we specialise in asylum processes, which are very different to other British immigration routes, as well as humanitarian protection, and help you form a strong asylum or human rights claim.

For the instances when your human rights or asylum application is refused, we can provide assistance with judicial reviews and appeals and/or advise you as per which options are open to you. If you find preparing an application too challenging, then our team will guide you through properly.

Our expert immigration solicitors in London will go through your case, investigate your asylum and/or human rights application(s) and help you gather all the necessary supporting evidence while being with you and your family all the way to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear.


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