Establishing a UK Branch Office or Subsidiary

If you want to enter and work as a full-time representative of an overseas business or an overseas broadcasting organisation, news agency or newspaper employee in the UK, then the Representative of an Overseas Business migrant category is the most appropriate visa route.

You will have to demonstrate that you are a genuine employee of the overseas business and that you have been identified as the most appropriate person within the overseas based organization to come and establish a UK branch or subsidiary of the business and that you have authority to take decisions in relation to the proposed UK establishment.

In order for the initial application to be approved you will also need to satisfy the UK authorities that you are able to communicate effectively in English. The initial visa will be granted for a period of three years.

If you want to bring in dependents and have them accompany or stay with you in the UK, then you must produce evidence that you are financially able to support them and that they can maintain their current financial status, without any additional assistance from UK public funds.

You may continue to stay in the UK for a further period two years, as the representative of an overseas business or broadcasting organization, news agency or newspaper, as long as you can demonstrate that you have been able to establish the UK branch or subsidiary and that the business is genuinely trading and operational in the UK.

Applying for a settlement under this immigration category is also possible for you and your family members if you have resided in the country for a total of 5 years. One year after holding Indefinite Leave to Remain, you would be eligible to apply to naturalise as a British citizen.

For more details or guidance regarding the legal aspects related to the establishment of a UK branch office or subsidiary, kindly contact our expert London immigration solicitors, who will make sure your case is given proper attention; always with your best interest in mind.


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