Citizenship & Nationality

The British laws regarding nationality and citizenship change over time and are subjected to significant developments, which makes applying for British citizenship particularly challenging.

Generally, an individual that has spent, at least, six years in the UK can become eligible to apply for Naturalisation. However, there are several exceptions that can complicate an application for either indefinite leave to remain in the country or registering as a British citizen on the basis of your status in the country or your parents’ nationality. There are also strict requirements that have to be met to quality, such as continuous residence and character.

Our experienced immigration team can handle any nationality case that requires an in-depth knowledge of the country’s nationality and citizenship law, regardless of its complexity. Please refer to our immigration solicitors in London, who will assess your eligibility for British citizenship and assist you with the application process while also providing you with detailed advice to ensure your application has the desired outcome in the shortest possible time.

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