Bringing your Family to the UK

If you live in another country and want to come to or remain in the UK, you must have parents or partners already living in the UK, or come as elderly dependents of someone living in the UK.

If you come as a:

  1. Child with Parent(s) Living or Coming to Live in the UK

According to law, children cannot live in the UK if they have a parent or both of their parents living in another country. The only exception is when the parent residing in the UK or coming to live in the country can demonstrate proof that it is absolutely necessary not to be parted from their child or when the parent is solely responsible for the child due to the death of the other parent.

With the term “parent” the law includes both adoptive parents and step parents.

For adopted children, the law remains the same, providing that the foreign adoption order is included in the Adoption (Recognition of Overseas Adoptions) Order 1973 and was made in a country on the designated list. In these circumstances, and only if both parents are settled in the UK or the parent interested in entering the country has sole responsibility for the child, the adopted child is usually given permission to stay in the country permanently.

  1. Partner of an Individual Living or Coming to Live in the UK

If your husband, wife, unmarried/same-sex partner,  fiancé(e)/proposed civil partner or civil partner is settled in the UK or applying to settle in, you may apply for the right to either enter or stay in the country with the intention to settle in.

The proposed civil partner or fiancé(e) of an individual that is applying to live or is already living in the UK must gain consent to stay in or enter the country with the intention to stay in the UK as the civil partner, husband, wife, unmarried/same-sex partner or fiancé(e)/proposed civil partner of the other person.

  1. Elderly Relative of an Individual Living or Coming to Live in the UK

Elderly people may join a settled relative if they are solely financially dependent on the settled person and have no other close relative in their own country that could support them. The relative with whom they wish to stay should either fully own or occupy accommodation and are financially able to support the elderly person without requiring the assistance of public funding.

The category refers to (1) widowed parents over 65 years of age, and (2) parents or grandparents that travel together, provided one of whom is over 65 years of age.

Parents and grandparents younger than 65, as well as siblings, children, aunts, and uncles above the age of 18 may also request settlement only in exceptional circumstances, and have to meet the above criteria.

  1. Asylum Seeker

Under the Family Reunion Programme, asylum seekers may apply for family members they have been separated from to enter the country. Depending on the case, they may also be given leave. The law refers to family members, such as children younger than 18 years of age or spouses, who were part of the family unit before the separation.

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