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Corporate & Private Immigration

UK immigration law is has become very complex and changes very rapidly resulting in highly confusing and bureaucratic procedures for individuals, families and companies who may wish to relocate to the UK for a variety of different reasons.

GSC’s Immigration Team specialises in all aspects of UK immigration. We advise both EU and non-EU individuals and companies who wish to invest, work or set up in business in the UK. We also handle all aspects of sponsorship for UK employers who may want to employ non-EU nationals or transfer existing staff based overseas to the UK.

For our private clients, we provide a specialist personalised service to support individuals and families moving to the UK, advising on the best solution to help our client relocate, obtain permanent residence and British Citizenship.

Talk to GSC’s Immigration Team about:

  • Sponsoring & hiring foreign nationals
  • Immigration compliance
  • Immigration advice for Investors
  • Immigration advice for Entrepreneurs
  • Establishing a UK branch Office  or subsidiary
  • Securing the rights of EU nationals
  • Bringing your family to the UK
  • Settling permanently in the UK
  • Human Rights & Asylum
  • Citizenship & Nationality
  • Visiting the UK
  • Appeals



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